The gift of breastfeeding lasts a lifetime.  To be perfectly frank with new parents it often isn’t the easiest gift to give.  It takes time for new babies to learn the skill of breastfeeding, even though it is innate and they have an instinctive drive to seek the breast and feed.  It takes time for new moms to recognize and physically adjust to their body’s new role as a breastfeeding mother and trust their body to provide exclusively for a demanding newborn.  This isn’t always a blissful transition.

New parents need time to trust that their newborn is thriving on breast milk.  During the early postpartum  period they need expert advice and constant, thoughtful encouragement.  New parents also benefit by being prepared.  Breastfeeding doesn’t require a bunch of gadgets or even detailed problem solving know how.  Breastfeeding requires dedication, knowledge of the normal, often messy process and willingness to adapt to your unique infant’s disposition and needs.    Take a breastfeeding class.  Register a friend or sister or daughter for a baby shower gift.  If their goal is to breastfeed, it may be the most important gift of that baby’s lifetime.


The Gift of Breastfeeding

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